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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fragile Beauty

Sleep is alluring me, so decided to edit a few images. Came across this one .. didn't impress me the first I went through these images but I really like it now.

So moral of the story, walk away from your images for a little while and you may be surprised that you have a few hidden treasures.

Happy Birthday, Canada!! ~ British Columbia

Emerald Lake, one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen.  The color of the water is almost unreal.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Craigdarroch Castle

So, I was aiming for interesting or different this with image however, I think I ended up with just creepy??  What do you think ??  😊

Happy Birthday, Canada!! ~ British Columbia

Haida Clan's Pole
Artist: Don Yeomans ~ 1996

This Totem was carved in 1996 by Don Yeomans of the Masset Village of the Haida Peoples from the Haida Gwai (Queen Charlotte Islands). It depicts the Raven and the Eagle, the two main clans in the Haida Nation. In mythology, the Frog Figure is a Haida Sub-Crest and is the messenger of Power the Human Face on the bottom represents the Raven's Tail and his transformation ability.

Victoria Conference Centre
City of Victoria Art Collection

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flight Home from Victoria!!

Ok!! So I got a window seat for both flights home from Victoria!!  I usually end up with an aisle seat, so I was quite excited and my poor cellphone got quite a work out!! So yes, all of these are cellphone photos but Hey!! what every works right!!

Now, I haven't flown over the mountains in many years so had forgotten just how beautiful they are, not only from ground level but also from above.  It is quite amazing and humbling just how small we humans are and how small our time is here on earth.

My little puddle jumper plane from Victoria to Vancouver.  This flight was a total of 18 minutes, it actually took longer to load and taxi out than it did to fly across.

I was right beside the propeller and it was a bit freaky when one side started and the other didn't.  Needless to say I think I will try changing seats next time!!  What I don't know don't hurt me!!  LoL!!

Beautiful scenes while flying into Vancouver.  Between the Mountains and the Sea ... Just beautiful!!

Can you see the train!!  This is just coming into Vancouver.  Looks like a walk way out into the Ocean, not sure though .. may be a good excuse to go to Vancouver to find out??

That black "plane shaped" dot is my plane ... just thought it was rather neat!! 😀

Heading out over the mountains now.  Tried to figure out what mountains ranges were which but well .. your guess is as good as mine!!  But just Wow!! between the clouds, snow and mountain, it was quite awesome!!

Ok, now this are just a handful of images I made along the way .. I was quite click happy!!  LoL  😆

And, Poof!! The Prairies!!  Always one of the things that blows my mind even when you are driving in and out of the mountains ... go over a hill and all of a sudden you are on the prairies.

So different, Eh!!  I had been in Victoria for a week where everything is already green and spring had sprung and then I came back home and everything is still brown.  Rather pretty from above but well, still wishing it was green!!  LoL

Hello Calgary!!! Good to See You!!

Ohh, Look, Flying Over Work .... LoL!!

Well, that is the end of my flight!!  Was quite entertained all the way home as you can see.  Just so you only 108 photos taken, LoL!!  And I was trying to be good LoL!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Bastion Square


You are standing in Bastion Square a public space dating back to the Victoria Era.

There are many alleyways to explore, connecting Bastion Square to Boomrang Court. The Court was the home to the Boomrang Saloon opened in 1856 by Ben and Adelaide Griffin, an English couple. Like many pioneers, the Griffins arrived in Victoria at the time of the Fraser River Gold Rush.

The word “chancery” means a court of justice. The Maritime Museum building was Victoria's Court House from 1889 to 1962 and was previously the site of Victoria's jail and gallows. The nearby Boomrang Saloon was a popular place to socialize. It was busiest when people would gather to witness public hangings.